Wednesday, August 23

I've been buried in customer quilts, and in a few minutes will go and re-bury myself. I'd post photos, but there are none. I'm hoping to pound the camera into submission sometime today, but I'm not holding my breath. I tried this yesterday, and you see the results.

Actually, you don't see the results.

Tuesday, August 8

too long....

Since my last posting was nothing but mean and ugly bitching, which I was recently moved to delete entirely, this one has to be good things.

Since I ranted and raved about really stupid, petty crap, I guess I should tell the entire world (all two people on the planet who might read this) the good things about that poor man I torment on a daily basis.

He's patient. One of the most patient people on the planet. He hasn't throttled me as I may have deserved frequently, he puts up with his father (any bitching about him is completely deserved and unregretted and I will not go there), has allowed me to overun our home with too many dogs, all of whom he loves dearly. He patiently times my machine for me, fixes me a cold iced tea whenever I do something stupid outside in the heat, and even planted the lavender crepe myrtle in the front yard this afternoon, something I'm pretty sure he didn't really want to do.

He's also kind and thoughtful and generally pretty good about keeping promises. He doesn't drink to any excess, doesn't run around and do really stupid stuff that get him in trouble, isn't bad to waste lots of money, and is in all ways a rather decent fellow to have in an emergency. I don't know why he puts up with my bad-tempered self, but he does, and it's more than a gift.