Friday, February 10

Today I sewed.....

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I spent today making this. Okay, so that I don't sound so bloody lame and incompetent (because I'm not, really), I actually cut enough little peices for 6 of these (there are 36 little bits in there), and then I was really very picky about sizes and squaring bits up and measuring and pressing and using starch and pins and sewing perfect seams... and then doing it all over again with each unit that went into the block.

So, and five minutes before ER came on tonight, I heaved a great sigh of relief and sewed the last three stitches, and then whisked away to the ironing board, where I applied said instrument and starch to the above block. And then I saw the error. ARRRRRRGGGGGGH!

My darling husband, who I love dearly, wandered upstairs sometime later. I held the block up to show him, and asked what was wrong. He looked, and looked, and looked some more, and all he could come up with were the little bits in the lower left and upper right corners, which are correct. To give him credit, he did see something was wrong, but didn't see what. I finally had to point the problem out.

This leaves me wondering .... do men not see patterns, or do other people not see patterns? This was glaringly obvious to me, as soon as I moved the iron away. I could no more have missed this than I could have forgotten my foot.

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Photos of my dad's quilt on his bed, which is the only place it's ever been spread out. He was pretty delighted with it, apparently -- mother even called to tell me that he had called her to brag, and then he actually went and got his friend to come take digital photos and had them emailed to me, something that he almost never does. After that, he called to tell me that he had emailed the pictures. This is the equivalent of giddy for him.

Anyway, I'm going to use these on my next ebay effort with the quilting.


Someone called me for quilting today! Ohmigod! The lady wants me to make the quilt and quilt it for her -- so, I shouldn't have much trouble with next month's payment.


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