Thursday, January 12

Angelina fibers

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I bought myself a sampler packet (cool colors) of Angelina fibers, which arrived in the mail this past Monday. Along with that came a pattern for a mouse pincushion, so yesterday, instead of working on the quilt I've got to finish this week, I took some time off and made the above peice of fantasy fabric, which is missing the sections that became a mouse.

It includes about 8 different colors of angelina fiber, two types of tintzle, some nipped up bits of silk scraps, various yarns, and a lot of red rayon thread quilting, along with what I've decided isn't obligatory tulle netting, which is what gives it the slightly fuzzy look in this scan. I thought it was pretty darned cool, and intend to bead the daylights out of a section of it, for some as yet unknown purpose.

I don't have any images of it yet, but after doing this yesterday, I made up a peice that started out on a primarily pinkish batik peice of material, along with that hideous tulle, and is as big as my ironing board will allow. Somewhere along the way, I discovered that I could simply peel the fused angelina fabric collage away from both the backing and the tulle, which I did immediately, of course. Now it's currently mounted on black material, with lots of additional yarn bits artfully arranged on the surface, and covered with water-soluble stabilizer, preparatory to being loaded into my longarm for quilting. This will be several firsts for me -- first time using the longarm on such a [relatively] small project, first time using the longarm for an art peice rather than practical peice, first time using the longarm for myself,first time using a water soluble stabilizer. Wow. That's enough pressure for one peice. Add to that the fact that I'm going to try it with invisible thread and the angelina fibers, just for fun.

All I need now is to figure out what sort of focus this peice will have, since right now I simply have a lovely peice of fabric with no focal point at all. I'll add photos to this when I quilt it, and then I can look at it right here to see if I see anything. At this point, I'm pretty much certain that no one else on the planet looks at this blog, which is just fine with me. However, on the off chance that someone runs across it, I'm not about to start blathering about all the deep, dark secrets of my life.




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