Tuesday, January 24

Log Cabin Quilt

Yesterday, I made the red bias binding and added it to the quilt for my Dad. Shots include a view of the finished quilt draped on the long arm rails, a close up view of the back, a close up view of a block, and the hand written label that I should have quilted on the back but forgot to do before then. It's hand sewn on the quilt too.

I have to go back and add at least a little more quilting in a couple places because I didn't get the rows all completely evenly spaced, but other than that, I can't find much to complain about.

I used rather expensive King Tut thread to quilt this with, and the "Woodcut Camelia" pantograph, with the Intellistitch, at 12 stitches per inch. Given the complexity of the design, this thing used a full bobbin of thread on the bottom side PER ROW!

This is the second quilt done on the long arm. The first one I quilted was the one for my son, which I'll be finishing today.

Monday, January 23

Angelina Fiber Fun

Image hosting by Photobucket

That is the peice I created with the angelina fibers. It's approximately the size of a normal ironing board top, quilted with invisible thread and backed with black cotton. The edges aren't finished yet, and it's in serious need of ironing. I thought originally it would be subject to excessive beading, but at this point I don't think so. I quilted it today, a first try with using invisible thread on the quilter, and after an initial hiccup, she did beautifully. I believe I shall finish it up and take it to the NimbleThimble for a demo peice. I guess I need to make a snazzy label for it first though.

I just did a simple meander on it, and mostly managed not to cross my lines, though I did do it at least twice. The quilting really stands out in this photo because it's not been ironed, though that's the point, so I don't intend to iron it flat as a pancake. Oh, and this was a first experiment with water soluble stabilizer as well, which is fascinating stuff. It simply disappeared into a soapy foam that vanished with a little rinsing -- took a lot less time to get rid of the stuff than it did to pin it down in the first place. I was amazed.

Image hosting by Photobucket

This guy is the mouse (with satellite dish ears) I made from the first peice of play with the fibers. It's rather large, real mice would scare me at this size. Even the hamster-like fat mice aren't that big.

And finally, I discovered a new Yahoo group today, which will probably end up being very bad for me. It's Stashbusters, and I can see myself going broke on postage if I'm not careful.

Well, that's it today. I hope that someone calls soon wanting quilting done; I really need the money and the practice and the work.

Friday, January 20

The above is yet another decorated tin. What was formerly a Camel tin is now a bizarre creation entitled "hey why not?" by virtue of the handy-dandy Dove chocolate wrapper. It features a bit of sculpy and a lot of galactic funk added to it. It also has a pop-up feature inside, with two fish beads attached to it. And of course, the creepy glass eye and half a sunglass frame, which is something I've been moving around for years and years and years. All things here are collected funk which has finally found a home, so I suppose in a frighteningly weird way it could be called a de-cluttering effort.

Now to see if blogger loses the image. This sometimes happens.

Saturday, January 14

Altered Tins

The above are altered tins for a swap on ABAlteredArts. One is whimsically entitled "Pyramid Confections" because I felt like calling it that. The other is "Foot in Mouth" and was inspired by a ridiculously high blood to caffiene ratio, and because for one reason or another I'm fascinated by boxes with feet of late. Human feet. It's my fascination and I can have it if I want.

Now lets see if Blogger mangles this posting again.

Friday, January 13

Explore Your Inner Weirdo

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is what yesterday's image has become. Explore your inner weirdo, and believe... believe that I will do odd things with bunnies, at least.

That's an old tin bunny someone gave me a few years ago. It was rusty and kind of cool, but did not show up at all, so I decided to gold-leaf it. The base coat and adhesive were very handy, and that part was accomplished in no time at all. Then I went searching for the leafing sheets. However, hubby had decided at some point to clean the darn living room and move everything around, and I never did find what I was looking for.

So, I had all these red tinfoil wrappers from Dove Dark Chocolates, all smoothed out and stashed in a handy paperback book. I cut the top half off about 4 of them, and slapped them down there, since it's a nice, deep, vibrant magenta-ish red, rather something bright and bold and gaudy. And there you have, my dove-leafed rabbit, which is part of what inspired the inner weirdo.... that and the 'trite sucks' challenge in one of my web groups. I'll have to post this there too...

I didn't actually touch my machine today, left it strictly alone. After last night and the oil dribbling incident on my dad's quilt, I'm mad at her. And of course, the tiny oil dribble came at the same time as a sudden dislike of some overly expensive King Tut thread, and naturally enough in a very light colored section of a log cabin quilt, on the second square of the second row. I'm using an overly complex pantograph on this, so it's slow going anyway, and I'm stressing because it's a special gift to my dad, who helped me get a very special gift, so it's got to be as near perfect as I can make it.

So, the nutty thing today was my way of taking a break from the high stress quilting job. I never got this worked up over a quilt when I was working for CMQ and the quilts were for actual cash, which I could use a big dose of right now.

Saturday is the Mike Cross concert... first one in about 10 years. I am hoping to find enough $$ to buy a CD, but it's not looking good. Still, I get to go because I got tickets as a late Christmas present, and I will enjoy it more than anything I've done in a long, long time, so I am grateful.

And that, I think is it for today.

Thursday, January 12

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Angelina fibers

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I bought myself a sampler packet (cool colors) of Angelina fibers, which arrived in the mail this past Monday. Along with that came a pattern for a mouse pincushion, so yesterday, instead of working on the quilt I've got to finish this week, I took some time off and made the above peice of fantasy fabric, which is missing the sections that became a mouse.

It includes about 8 different colors of angelina fiber, two types of tintzle, some nipped up bits of silk scraps, various yarns, and a lot of red rayon thread quilting, along with what I've decided isn't obligatory tulle netting, which is what gives it the slightly fuzzy look in this scan. I thought it was pretty darned cool, and intend to bead the daylights out of a section of it, for some as yet unknown purpose.

I don't have any images of it yet, but after doing this yesterday, I made up a peice that started out on a primarily pinkish batik peice of material, along with that hideous tulle, and is as big as my ironing board will allow. Somewhere along the way, I discovered that I could simply peel the fused angelina fabric collage away from both the backing and the tulle, which I did immediately, of course. Now it's currently mounted on black material, with lots of additional yarn bits artfully arranged on the surface, and covered with water-soluble stabilizer, preparatory to being loaded into my longarm for quilting. This will be several firsts for me -- first time using the longarm on such a [relatively] small project, first time using the longarm for an art peice rather than practical peice, first time using the longarm for myself,first time using a water soluble stabilizer. Wow. That's enough pressure for one peice. Add to that the fact that I'm going to try it with invisible thread and the angelina fibers, just for fun.

All I need now is to figure out what sort of focus this peice will have, since right now I simply have a lovely peice of fabric with no focal point at all. I'll add photos to this when I quilt it, and then I can look at it right here to see if I see anything. At this point, I'm pretty much certain that no one else on the planet looks at this blog, which is just fine with me. However, on the off chance that someone runs across it, I'm not about to start blathering about all the deep, dark secrets of my life.



Wednesday, January 11

Bizarre boxes and cool features

Well, it appears that I should log into my www.photobucket.com account a little more often. They have added a nifty new feature, maybe more than one but I've not explored that far yet. Anyway, here's an example of the nifty new feature, showing one of my latest bizarre creations.

In case it's moving too fast, that's a black sculpey box, with feet and arms and a very odd face there. Add to that some gold glass beads and translucent liquid sculpey poured over some tiny tiles I made, and you get an odd thing. The arms sort of function as handles, which would actually work very well if it were a teapot, but it's not.

This next one is a larger box, again sculpey. It's sort of a sculpey assemblage, with some embellishments and a big dose of whimsey. If I ever get the rest of the stuff done, that's a late Christmas present.