Sunday, September 4


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Okay, I'm overrun with mice, which I guess is a little strange, but since I keep them contained it's really not an issue. These are ATCs I've been working on, of my two latest real pets. Shaggy and Little Sister are the names, that's Shaggy above and Little Sister below. She's named that way because her grandmother was called Sister... long story, and pointless. Anyway, Grandmother is gone, and this little girl was the first female born who looked and acted like her, so I grabbed her up and now she's a pet. Shaggy is a long haired grey male, Sister is a not quite as long haired cream female, and she has a brother who looks a lot like a very tiny angora rabbit.... I haven't take any photos of him, but I'll have to do so.

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Anyway, I got bored the other night and got the kids out to play... them, and a ball of yarn and a digital camera.... the yarn was the same stuff I strung on the cards.

Oh, and I did in fact learn that it is possible to put eyelets on things (stiff things and flimsy eyelets) without the benefit of a proper setting tool. It took forever, but a screwdriver and a dull knife and a ridiculous amount of time later, and the cards have eyelets on them. I think I'll have to invest in the proper tools before I do a whole lot more of that.

Other foolish things. Today I managed to inflict myself an injury in the most insane and unlikely way I can imagine, and I daresay it's fairly unique.

I HIT myself in the knuckle (and left a nasty gash) with the blade edge of a pair of sharp scissors while putting water into a fish tank. Yup, bloody good trick. No photos are available of this stupidity.


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