Friday, January 7

Your mileage may vary...

Mine starts at 151335.

On that day, the world was old. Very old. Although, there are those who will dispute that, I believe it. Being a creature of limited facilities and knowledge, however, I'll leave the arguements of universe and ages to those who actually care about such things. I'm not one of them.

It is cold. It is winter. I dream of warm weather and sunny places, with comforting warm breezes. Of course. It's winter, and grey and bleak and dull here, and I'd love it if my hands were warm.

I have a miserable cold and I'm wasting the day. I spent the first part of it on the couch, the middle part of it in front of this stupid computer, and I'm now about to migrate back to the couch. That will undoubtably make the phone ring. It will not be an interesting phone call, though. It never is.

Why is it that as teenagers we spend as much of our lives as possible with telephones surgically attached to our heads, but as we grow older, most people would rather smash the miserable instrument rather than actually answer it? Most people, though not all by any means. I have a cell phone that nearly never rings. I like it that way. It's only real use in life is to store phone numbers and to occassionally amuse me with it's text messaging capabilities. Those are somewhat limited and clunky, since typing in a long message is a bit difficult. It's also impossible for me to see the damn screen in sunglasses. That makes it unlikely that I will call anyone while driving. On the other hand, that's not a bad thing.

The purple car is not here today. Hubby has kidnapped my purple car. He left his clunky thing, but I don't really want to drive it. The radio doesn't work, the ignition is a pain in the butt, and there is a broken strut [apparently] in the front end. It could use a visit to the mechanic, but I'm afraid to take it there, because he would then have to drive my car there, and the purple car is in love with the mechanic, despite my best efforts to convince her that he is seeing other cars.

I think I will go lie down on the couch now, and see how many dogs try to push me to the floor. Either that, or I shall perch on the couch and stare at my fish tank. I should probably take a picture of it sometime soon.


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