Friday, January 7


In my profile, I said I work in an aquatic specialty store. In other words, I sell fish for a living. Live fish, along with crabs and snails and bugs and rocks... marine tanks introduce some truely bizarre conversational topics into people's lives. The new (or old) enthusiast will be very excited over the new peice of rock they just bought. They spend tons of money on crabs. They add snails deliberately. It excites them to death to have new algae growth. It's bizarre, is what it really is. Otherwise normal people (you think!) gibbering like fools at an apparently inanimate thing sitting in a small, artificial container of water, with more electrical equipment attached to it than can possibly be healthy. It makes fire marshals cringe just to imagine.

And of course, I spent at least an hour messing about with my own tiny little reef tank this morning. It's endlessly fascinating, because every single day, without fail, there is something new to see. Most of the time, it's not the best things, but it's constantly changing and evolving in there. My little yellow clown goby is still bent out of shape over the firefish taking over his favorite hiding spot. The firefish is aggravated by the scooter blenny who takes no notice of anyone, and Squeak the freaky puffer just ignores it all unless it looks like food. If it's a snail or a crab, or a peice of shrimp, he thinks it looks like food. This creates a constant problem -- since he EATS all the small hermits and snails I put in there, three or four at a time, which makes for an expensive meal for a fish. Big hermit crabs are not of interest to him but big snails tend to be a target because he takes bites from the foot. This is not a good thing, but I really don't know what the heck to do with the fish, so for now I just live with it.


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